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Taking the Surprises Out of Buying A Home – Start with the Best Home Inspection in Brandon, MS.

The largest investment most people make is buying a home. It can overwhelming to say the least. Most people have no idea how to inspect a Brandon, MS home. You don’t want to purchase a home and realize it was a mistake. The financial implications are too big to imagine. You want to move in knowing your home is safe and sound. As a home buyer, the best thing is to be educated through a thorough home inspection. A lack of this education can cost you thousands.
So, if you are buying a home, you can become an educated home inspection consumer, confident that you’re making the right decision.
Rankin County, MS Home Inspector Charlie Sessums Wants to Help You Avoid Ugly Surprises When Buying A Home! And he’s willing to do it a no risk to you! Charlie and his team of inspectors have been inspecting Brandon, MS homes for over 10 years. He has helped thousands of clients save money and gain peace of mind.
How does Charlie do this? He spends hours not only inspecting homes but thinking about home inspections, reading inspection forums, and talking with others about inspections, building codes, swimming pools and houses.  Charlie does litigation consulting work and has served as an expert witness. He loves to talk to lawyers. In Brandon and around the Jackson and Central Mississippi area he is considered a home expert.   Don’t you deserve the best in a home inspector? Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have knowing your Brandon home was inspected by one of the state’s best home inspectors.

What Are Mississippi Licensing Requirements for Home Inspectors?
In Mississippi an inspector must take 60 hours of training in an approved home inspection program. This can be on site, online or a correspondence course. These 60 hours of training is then followed by the national exam for home inspectors. At this time the inspector is licensed to inspect existing properties. To be licensed as a new construction inspector, a builder’s license is also required. 

READ THAT Mississippi, 60 hours of home inspection training and passing a test is all that is required for an inspector to be qualified to evaluate and educate you on your new home, the largest investment you make!  (Charlie is currently involved in helping to rewrite the National Home Inspector’s Exam) Let’s do a quick comparison to another profession, cosmetology, which requires 1550 hours for a beautician and 350 for a nail technician.  Your hair and nails are important and deserve the best. But what about your home?  Do you really want someone inspecting the largest investment you will ever make who has no background in construction and only 60 hours of training – possibly a correspondent class with no hands on experience?  The inspectors at Alpha Inspectors have all gone above and beyond the minimum training. They all have a background in construction and have gone through at least 50 inspections (hands on training) with our lead inspector before ever being sent out on their own.

As you can see, home inspectors come in a wide range of expertise.  Like in all professions or trades, the majority are rather mediocre. A small percentage are extremely bad and an even smaller percentage are very, very good. You want, no you need, one of the very best.
To find the best, you need to be the educated consumer who takes time to make sure they are hiring someone who will do an excellent job for them and to look out for their interests above all others. Choosing the wrong home inspector will cost you money, often thousands. Alpha Inspection has a list of questions you can use as a start to interviewing potential inspections. Click here for the list of questions

You want to know your inspector will save you money, not simply cost you the fee of the inspection. Why throw away a few hundred dollars on an inexperienced, mediocre inspector when you can save money by hiring the best?

“I found your service to be excellent. I was very pleased with the attention to detail, the format of your report, and use of technology, and commitment to customer service. I have lived in four states and Alpha Inspection’s service was the BEST I have ever experienced. Charlie’s attitude is exceptional and his extensive knowledge is impressive. I am particularly excited about the prospect of consulting Alpha on future issues that may develop.” – Mayo Flynt

Would you like to know a secret of the Central Mississippi home inspection business that most inspectors don’t want to share?  A survey conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors revealed that 68% of all home inspection business is the result of a referral from a real estate agent. Most home inspectors are dependent upon agent referrals to stay in business.

Unfortunately many Hinds, Madison and Rankin County inspectors will minimize defects to keep the referring agents happy. This is obviously not what is best for you. The inspectors at Alpha Inspection inspect every home like they inspecting it for a family member.  Many agents groan when they find out Alpha Inspection is inspecting their listing! Smart consumers understand they need this kind of inspector.

But What If I Can’t Afford to Hire the Best Brandon, MS Home Inspector.
That’s ridiculous! Think about it. If money really is an issue, how are you going to pay for the repairs that a low dollar inspector failed to report?  Plus, your real estate contract will usually allow you to negotiate items found in the inspection report. We’ve had inspections where a new roof was paid for by the seller’s insurance agency – a win-win for both the buyer and the seller.  And every once in a great while things will be found that has saved the home buyer from stepping into financial ruin.

The Support and Education Doesn’t End after the Home Inspection
Our business is not to simply inspector your home, hand you a report and maybe answer questions, if necessary until you close. Once you have been our client you have a building consultant for life. We are available to answer questions about your home at any time. Even years later.  Do you need help finding best type of roof? Who do you call, a handyman or an electrician? You’ve got an expert you can consult at any time.

“I am pleased with Charlie’s inspection. We now feel very comfortable the issues have been identified that need to be resolved. I appreciate your and Charlie’s support and encouragement and the personal touch you give your business. Your commitment to continued support of your customer is a rare find in today’s business world. I remember a scripture Charlie quoted: ‘Everything you do, do unto the Lord.’ There is nothing to worry about when you know a business operates in this manner. Thank you so much for your help and continued support. I look forward to referring you to others in the very near future.” – Linda Moore
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  • No risk. Remember, if you are not satisfied with the inspection at any time, Charlie will give you your money back. No other Brandon, Byram, Clinton, Jackson, Madison or Ridgeland home inspector makes this offer. Wonder why?